Your 12 Top Tips for Quality Meditation – CD

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Now you can find the easy way to meditate and perfect your skill. Sue Zange shares her Top Tips to help you on your path of inner discovery. Based on the most frequently asked questions which her students have raised over the years, Sue offers here the 12 Top Tips for achieving good quality meditation.

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Satisfying and fulfilling meditation need not be a difficult practice to achieve. In this fast paced world we need to make time for restoring ourselves – time in which we can re-find our peace and clarity.

We are all capable of sitting in meditation and achieving a deeper sense of inner communion with the universal energies around us.  Follow the 12 Top Tips to help enhance your experience and gain a deeper understanding of the process.

If you are new to meditation practise, these Tips will help you establish a comfortable natural flow when you sit in meditation. Listen as often as you need, so that they become a natural flow in your mind, ready for when you meditate.

If you have more experience with meditating, then you will find some tips that will help you enhance your skills, knowledge, and higher connection.

This CD includes tips on grounding, sitting position, clearing your energy, calming the mind, stabilising your energy and other factors which can affect the quality and effectiveness of your meditation experience.

(Please note, this is an educational CD, guided meditations are not included. Please see other products available for fully guided meditations.)


3 reviews for Your 12 Top Tips for Quality Meditation – CD

  1. 5 out of 5


    Think you can’t meditate? Try this how-to guide and find out how easy it can be.
    What anyone who would like to try meditation needs. A ‘how to’ guide, laid out in a sensible order, clear and easy to listen to. Meditation is for everyone, not just an elite few. Modern medicine has now come round to the view that meditation can be of great benefit for many emotional and physical conditions. The website mentalhealth. org states, “More than 100 studies have shown changes in brain wave activity during meditation and researchers have found that areas of the brain linked to emotional regulation are larger in people who have meditated regularly for five years.” In other words, meditation helps us to feel calmer and to cope better with the ups and downs of life.

  2. 5 out of 5


    This is a great idea! I thought i knew how to meditate until i tried these 12 tips. The CD gives clear, gentle instructions for meditation and so much more. Sue’s voice is soothing and calm. The perfect CD for anyone interested in meditation.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Very Practical Advice! This CD is excellent if you are new to meditation.Sue explains the steps clearly in how to prepare yourself to get the best out of meditations so that you feel the maximum benefits of the time that you spend sitting still. A valuable investment and highly recommended.

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