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A guided meditation to help you inspire and enlighten your true hearts desires. Designed to take you deeply into the sacred nature of the heart energy, this meditation will offer you a deeper insight into making choices that truly suit your path.  This guided meditation is ideal for those who have experience of sitting quietly in meditation and ‘holding’ the quiet space (30 minutes). Note: Apple do not allow direct download to their iPhones/devices. Please download to your computer first and transfer via Itunes.

Product Description

An in-depth journey into the more sacred aspects of your heart’s desires and your power as a co-creator in the world.  This guided meditation takes you through the process of opening and healing the heart energy, so that you may enter that sacred space of heart enlightenment and engage your life in a higher resonance of loving commitment and joyful flow.

This meditation is about exploring the higher spiritual essence of your true hearts desire.  It is comforting, enlightening and helps with inner understanding of your feelings and desires.  (30 mins)

The third guided meditation from the ‘Meditations for Enhanced Awareness’ CD – this offers the next step in developing emotional understanding and awareness.  This guided meditation is ideal for those who have experience of sitting quietly in meditation and ‘holding’ the quiet space, and who wish to progress the depth and expansion of insight that meditation can bring. (30 minutes). Download the MP3 to carry around with you, so your guided meditation is always available wherever you are.

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(Please note: for convenience whilst purchasing, excerpts are edited slightly with shorter pauses between guidance. The actual meditation you receive will have exactly the right length of pause for you to indulge in the creation of your visuals and to enjoy the experience.)

If you are new to meditation, please consider purchasing some of the shorter guided visualisations and meditations in order to develop your capacity to sit still and open and expansive space in consciousness.

If you would like to see further reviews for this guided meditation please see the main CD product – Meditations for Enhanced Awareness.

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3 reviews for The Sacred Heart Alignment Meditation – MP3 Download

  1. 5 out of 5


    A hidden gem of a meditation, not only does The Sacred Heart Alignment offer you healing energies to clear and cleanse past wounds and traumas that may have lessened the heart energy. It then goes deeper into a more insightful space and shows you how you can become more. An ideal meditation for anyone on a journey of self discovery and enrichment leading to having a better command in your life.

  2. 5 out of 5


    This is a beautiful meditation. It takes you into your heart energy centre and helps you to discover the wonders within. I use it so much! The meditation starts off by bringing healing to the heart. It is amazing how by taking just a few minutes to bring some healing to your heart helps life to look brighter, and helps me to feel more open and able to engage with life.
    But it’s the second part of the meditation that is truly special.. it guides you into the sacred aspect of your heart energy that reveals to you more about who you are as a soul. These energies are beautiful to engage with, and never fail to surprise and intrigue you. I think this meditation is one of a kind, and I’m so pleased to have it on MP3.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I love thIs guided meditation which has restored me many times to a state of peace and understanding.
    You are taken on a gentle journey into your heart so you can easily heal wounds that may be influencing your actions. You emerge feeling as if huge weights have been lifted from you.
    It is a very accessible and powerful way of soothing your inner spirit so you can see the way ahead to pursue your dreams.

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