The Joa’ Light Website

Joa’s Light is a family run company bringing you a unique opportunity to share in the knowledge and teachings offered by Sue Zange in her unique presentations and training courses.The content of Sue’s wonderful presentations have been recorded over the years, and now the richness and wealth of that learning, growth and inspiration is available through books, CD ‘s and a wide variety of other media.Joa’s Light is dedicated to one key mission – to bring higher knowledge, wisdom and the message of light directly to you, so that you may share in the enrichment and enlightenment offered by Higher Consciousness.

Now you can have your own connection to the gift of Joa’s Light. An opportunity to commune in higher wisdom, enfolded in a loving offering. Words of light and inspiration can be with you now every day. The message of peace, love and compassion will reach into your life, giving you the opportunity to share in bringing unity , hope and knowledge to the World.

We hope you will enjoy sharing in the embrace of kindness, goodwill and compassion. And we hope too, that in coming to know the purer essence of the divine in your every day life, you will choose to live it. A gift of light is made forever present.