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The practical visualisation exercise to clear, balance and protect your space. Sue Zange clearly talks you through the cleansing process, by applying colours and light into the spaces you reside and occupy. (7 minutes is all you need!). Note: Apple do not allow direct download to their iphones/devices. Please download to your computer first and transfer via Itunes.

Product Description

This is the full practical guided exercise to energetically cleanse and protect your home and workspace. Providing you with the guided visualisation so that you can listen to it whilst standing in the room/location and actually applying the energy techniques. This MP3 download is accompanied with a User Guide (pdf document) which gives support outline to the techniques for clearing and protecting space.

Please ensure you read the user guide BEFORE engaging in the practical exercise. You will receive 2 download links for this product – the audio MP3, and the pdf User Guide.

Note: This practical exercise assumes you have already learned how to cleanse and protect your own personal energy. It also assumes you have learned how to visualise and apply energy intention. Exercises for these are available on this website.

Listen to an Excerpt:


(Please note: If you are new to the concept of energy cleansing and protection, then consider purchasing the full ‘Energy Protection’ CD which offers you insight, theory, and deeper understanding of energy work prior to engaging with the practical exercises.)

Energy Cleansing and protection of your space is extremely useful. Energy ‘housekeeping’ is often not taught and is vital to the balance and harmony we experience in our homes and work spaces. This is particularly relevant to anyone working in a job which engages them with subtle energy exchange and release, such as healers, therapist, readers, carers, and frontline customer facing roles.

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3 reviews for Cleanse & Protect Your Space – MP3 Download

  1. 5 out of 5

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    I love this practical meditation, now as an mp3, I can clear my space anywhere with permissions of course and can download it on my phone and take it on holiday, or lunch times at work. It helps me instantly get back in my own space, so easy. Thank you for such value.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I would highly recommend this track. The energetic quality of the space we live and work in can have such an effect on our mood and well-being. This lovely, clear guided exercise can help you to begin to take charge of your personal space and improve the atmosphere around you. I work as an energy field healer and use these techniques in my own home and my healing space on a regular basis.

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This practical exercise is one of the tracks from ‘Energy Protection’. To see customer reviews please take a look at the ones for the full CD.

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